Thermocook Essential - The Indispensable All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Assistant - Simplify Your Home Cooking

$749.00 $899.00 -17% OFF

Thermocook Essential - The Indispensable All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Assistant - Simplify Your Home Cooking

$749.00 $899.00 -17% OFF
74900 - 89900

EASY TO USE: Rotary control & 7'' LED digital display to manually adjust time, temperature and speed. 18 preset programs.
POWERFUL: 1700W (700W motor, 1000W heating power) + Turbo and Pulse options.
VERSATILE: 18 preset programs available (16 cooking and 2 cleaning programs). Free access to over 690 recipes accessible via a mobile phone app. 3L Jug Capacity.
QUALITY ASSURANCE: Designed and Tested in Australia by Globally Respected brand: Optimum rated 5-stars by customers globally
DEDICATED INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: Exclusive Access to our Facebook group where users exchange recipes, ideas, tips & tricks
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 30 Day Free Trial (Money Back Guarantee)

The OPTIMUM Thermocook Essential INCLUDES:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

optimum thermocook pro m 2.0 digital display

ThermoCook Essential Base with Integrated Scale

optimum thermocook 2.5 Litre stainless steel bowl for blending and cooking

3 Litre stainless steel bowl for blending and cooking

optimum thermocook steamer insert

Steamer Insert (Lid, Tray, Base)

optimum thermocook basket

Strainer / Steamer Basket

Stainless Steel Blade Assembly (Multifunction Blade)

Large digital LCD display to manually adjust time, temperature and speed + 18 preset functions

Saute Blade

Kneading Blade

Butterfly Whisk


froothie 24x7 support

24x7 Support & Warranty

490+ built in recipes that are updated weekly

froothie comprehensive warranty

Comprehensive Warranty


Thermomix is a reputable brand that has been manufacturing thermo cookers for years. However, the Thermomix is also incredibly expensive and not something that most people can afford. The Optimum Thermocook Pro Essential offers you similar if not significantly better results than the Thermomix, at one-quarter of the price. When you invest in an Optimum Thermocook Essential, you’re getting more than just a multicooker. You’re getting peace of mind and confidence in its durability, versatility and quality.

With a focus on quality as well as performance, Optimum©️ has proven a world-class supplier of quality domestic and commercial blenders and juicers, designed to outlast and outperform competitors.



Say goodbye to teary eyes from onion chopping and hours spent slaving over a cutting board. Embrace the convenience and speed of the Thermocook Essential.


With its powerful motor and versatile attachments, it transforms simple ingredients into creamy wonders that delight the taste buds


The intuitive interface of the Thermocook puts you in control, allowing you to adjust mixing speeds and times to suit your culinary needs.


Whether it's crafting a velvety vinaigrette, a rich mayonnaise, or a dreamy hollandaise sauce, the Thermocook brings a touch of culinary sorcery to your kitchen.


Not confined to herbs and grains, the Thermocook's milling prowess extends to nuts, seeds, and even dried fruits, enabling you to create custom blends that add character and depth to your dishes.


Whether you're crafting artisanal bread or delicate pastry dough, the Thermocook's powerful motor and precisely designed kneading attachments deliver consistent and uniform results, ensuring the ideal texture for your baked goods.


Whether it's a classic creamy tomato bisque, a hearty vegetable minestrone, or a velvety pumpkin soup, the Thermocook adapts to your culinary vision, elevating each creation to new heights of deliciousness.


From invigorating morning smoothies to decadent nut butters and more, let the Thermocook be your culinary conductor, guiding you towards a world of blending bliss.


Bid farewell to the tedious and time-consuming manual stirring that may lead to uneven results. The Thermocook's automated stirring feature liberates you from constant attention, allowing you to focus on other culinary tasks or simply enjoy the cooking process.

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