HealthyFry 2.0 Air Fryer Ex-Demo - Discover The Healthiest Way To Fry With Air Instead Of Oil!

Model HealthyFry 2.0 Air Fryer Philips Viva Collection
Watts: 1500 W 1425 W
Frequency: 50 HZ 50/60 Hz
Colours available: White Black
Display: Touch LCD Display N/A
Temperature range: 60 to 190°C 80 - 200 °C
Timer function: Up to 60 minutes Up to 30 minutes
Capacity: 3.5L N/A
Material: PP, PBT, ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions: 385*316*338 mm 287 x 315 x 384 mm
Product Weight: 5.8 kg 7 kg
Net: 5.8 kg N/A
Gross: 7.5 kg N/A
Warranty: 2 Years Domestic 2 Years
Model HealthyFry 2.0 Air Fryer TEFAL Actifry Express
Watts: 1500 W 1400 W
Frequency: 50 HZ N/A
Colours available: White White
Display: Touch LCD Display Digital screen
Temperature range: 60 to 190°C 180°C
Timer function: Up to 60 minutes Up to 30 minutes
Capacity: 3.5L 1.5 L
Material: PP, PBT, ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions: 385*316*338 mm 391*391*260 mm
Product Weight: 5.8 kg 4.08 Kg
Net: 5.8 kg N/A
Gross: 7.5 kg N/A
Warranty: 2 Years Domestic 2 years
ModelHealthyFry 2.0 Air FryerTefal FX1000
Watts:1500 W1400 W
Frequency:50 HZN/A
Colours available:WhiteWhite
Display:Touch LCD DisplayDigital screen
Temperature range:60 to 190°C150 to 200°C
Timer function:Up to 60 minutesUp to 30 minutes
Material:PP, PBT, ABSN/A
Product Dimensions:385*316*338 mm452*342*367 mm
Product Weight:5.8 kgN/A
Net:5.8 kgN/A
Gross:7.5 kgN/A
Warranty:2 Years Domestic2 Years
ModelHealthyFry 2.0 Air FryerKambrook KAF200WHT Air Chef Air Fryer
Watts:1500 W1550 W
Frequency:50 HZN/A
Colours available :WhiteN/A
Display:Touch LCD DisplayDigital screen
Timer Function:Up to 60 minutesUp to 30 minutes
Temperature range:60 to 190°C80 to 200°C
Material:PP, PBT, ABSN/A
Product Dimensions:385*316*338 mmN/A
Product Weight:5.8 kgN/A
Net:5.8 kgN/A
Gross:7.5 kgN/A
Warranty2 Years Domestic1 year
Capacity to feed the whole family!: With a cooking capacity of 3.5L, the HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer can handle enough food to feed the whole family in one go.

Save the oil for a healthier lifestyle: For years, it was necessary to use oil to get that great fried food taste or grill meats to perfection. The HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer’s Rapid Air technology makes that a thing of the past. By circulating hot air around the food, you get the same results without the higher calorie count.

Sleek and modern design: No need to hide the HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer into the ugly appliances cupboard. Its unique, sleek, modern design make it a conversation starter.

Safety first: Your safety and that of your family is always a priority. The HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer is equipped with a safety feature that prevents it from starting until the cooking basket is properly inserted ensuring your peace of mind.
Skip the oil but get the same great fried food taste: The HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer uses Rapid Air pressure-cooking technology to seal in your food’s natural juices and cook it evenly from all sides. The result is delicious meals cooked with a fraction of the oil used in traditional cooking so no guilt associated with fried calories.

Worry-free process: The HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer was designed to make your life as easy as possible. It’s much safer than a traditional deep fryer. Simply select a function and set a time on its user-friendly touch digital display and walk away. Your ingredients will be cooked quickly and evenly thanks to Rapid Air technology, saving you time and energy without compromising taste and quality.
The HealthyFry 2.0 AirFryer allows you to: Prepare guilt-free succulent meals for you and your family: Cooking using Rapid Air technology allows you to achieve flavourful meals without the large amounts of oil associated with traditional cooking. The result is juicy meats and fries cooked to perfection without the high calorie count that go against a healthy lifestyle.

Keep it cool and clean in the kitchen: Because it doesn’t generate the same kind of heat as traditional cooking methods, Rapid Air technology reduces the temperature in your kitchen. It also saves you a lot of cleaning. No more messy frying!
Voltage/Frequency:220v 50Hz
Temperature range:60 to 190°C
Cooking Capacity:3.5L
Tray Capacity:188mmx200mmx103mm (LxWxH)
Heating technology:Coiled heaters
Display Panel:Touch LCD display
Timer:Up to 60 minutes
Safety feature:Locking function
Product Dimensions:385*316*338mm
Product Weight:5.8kg
Material:PP, PBT, ABS
Warranty:2 Years Domestic

HealthyFry 2.0 Air Fryer Ex-Demo

  • Reduces fat so you can enjoy healthier meals
  • Cooks faster than a traditional oven
  • You can Fry, Grill, Roast, Bake in the same machine
  • Keep it cool in the kitchen very low heat generated compared to traditional ovens
  • Full Warranty all of Optimum's Demo units benefit from a full warranty
WARRANTY: 2 years domestic
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Great Reliable Products

This is a great reliable products that get used every day in our household.

This purchase was over 2 years ago, a sensational product which has never missed a beat and outlasted other well known fitness boards.

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I’m impressed with Froothie as a company & I have the blender and juicer. To date both products purchased have been used daily and they still perform as great as the first time that I began using them. I trust this brand and company 100% and definitely have recommended to many people who are wanting quality appliances for the kitchen. I’ve had both of my Froothie products since the 10/4/2015 and couldn’t be happier! I will continue to buy products from Froothie & highly recommend.

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Value for money, can't be beaten.

I've used them in my businesses and tried multiple other brands, some more than twice the price and Froothie products outperform and out last.

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After trying 3 brands, this is the best!

We have used the Optimum blender daily at home for nearly five years, we recently replaced a bearring and it's back to working perfectly. It is noisy, but it cannot be surpassed in its longevity and quality. We make everything from nut flours and nutmilks to smoothies and cocktails.

I'd never get another brand again.




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