Best Blender For Nut Milk 2023

best blender for nut milk

Best Blender For Nut Milk In 2023 | Top Picks

One of the best ways to incorporate the goodness of nuts into your diet is by making nut milks. Nuts are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, protein and healthy fats. And the best part is they taste great! Nut milks are incredibly versatile, making it a superb addition to smoothies, coffees, baked goods, sauces and any recipes. However, creating a full-flavoured nut milk requires a powerful and reliable blender.

We’ve made it super easy and compiled the top blenders for nut milk in 2023 to ensure you can enjoy the creamiest nut milks possible. Keep reading to learn about which features you should look for in a nut milk blender and discover our exceptional top 5 blenders.

Top 5 Best Blenders For Nut Milks In 2023best blender for nut milk

The Overall Best Blenders For Nut Milk

The Optimum 9400x commercial powerhouse blender has won first place as the overall best blender for nut milks in 2023, surpassing all its rivals. With its exceptional performance, build quality and versatility, it is the undisputed winner for nut milks.

Here’s what makes it a champion:


  • High powered 2,611-watt motor
  • 8 litre jug set made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester that is BPA free
  • Curves in the bottom of the jug for improved vortex creation
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • Digital display with five preset blending functions
  • Programs can be customised and settings saved to the machine for your recipes
  • 9-speed settings with pulse function
  • Optional sound cover


  • None! It truly excels in build quality, versatility, and power! It will blend the smoothest nut milks every time!

Optimum’s 9400x has been ranked number #1 on by thousands of customers. It has also won the honourable DE ETM Test Magazine Award for the best high-speed blender. See the 9400x in action here:


The Best High-Speed Blenders For Nut Milk

If you’re after the best high-speed blender for nut milk with the latest tech, it's hard to go past the Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series. With its high-tech components and superior blade design, this blender is the cutting-edge choice.

Let’s check out its easy-to-use features:


  • Advanced 2,400-watt motor with automatic torque control
  • Digital LED touchscreen
  • Six automatic one-touch functions and manual modes
  • Easy-to-clean 2-litre dishwasher-safe jug set
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • Optional 1-litre jug ideal for smaller blends


  • Slightly larger in size compared to other models

The Optimum G2.6 is the ultimate cutting-edge blender for nut milk. Discover the G2.6 Platinum Series here:

 best blender for nut milk

The Best Vacuum Blender For Nut Milk

The Optimum Evolve stands out as the best vacuum blender for nut milk. With a 2,400-watt motor, it produces exceptionally creamy nut milk thanks to its six stainless steel blades. Its vacuum function also prevents oxidation and its second jug offers active cooking and steaming functions. This blender is perfect for making nut milks, sorbets, smoothies, soups, nut butters and so much more.

Key features are:


  • A powerful 2,400-watt motor with 900-watt heating power
  • Six durable stainless-steel blades in each jug
  • 75 litre cooking jug made with high boron glass
  • 8 litre vacuum jug made from high boron glass
  • Versatile and capable of making nut milks, smooth soups, chunky soups, crushing ice, grinding nuts and more
  • Vacuum function prevents oxidation
  • Stainless steel steaming basket
  • Multiple temperature and time settings with pulse functions


  • Slightly heavier jugs due to superior and durable glass material

The Optimum Evolve is the perfect choice for those looking to make delicious nut milk in glass jugs. See the Optimum Evolve in action here:

 best blender for nut milk

Best Budget Blenders For Nut Milk

Selecting the best budget blender for nut milk can be challenging. With fierce competition, it came down to the wire for the Optimum 8200 and Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation. Both of which offer incredible value without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a close look at the outstanding features of these two contenders:

Optimum 8200 Pros:

  • 2,238-watt motor for effortless nut crushing
  • Automatic timed blender functions with low, medium and high speeds
  • Heat-resistant polycarbonate jug
  • 6 stainless steel blade assembly
  • Versability for nut milks, smoothies, grinding nuts, kneading dough and crushing ice
  • Can prepare ice cream, soups, spreads, dips juices, cocktails, omelettes and so much more
  • Optional smaller 900 ml jug available

best blender for nut milk

Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation Pros:

  • Commercially graded motor with 2,611 watts of power
  • Precision timed programs with high, medium and low speeds
  • Heat-resistant BPA-free jug made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester, available in 2 litre, 1.5 litre or 900 ml sizes
  • Wet/dry and hot/cold blends in the one jug
  • High-quality tamper tool
  • Blade assembly made from stainless steel
  • Built-in overload protection


  • Can be slightly louder than others but with high-quality components, powerful motors, budget-friendly prices and generous warranties make them hard to beat!

best blender for nut milk

Both the Optimum 8200 and 9200a 2nd Generation blenders will give you silky smooth nut milks without the big price tag. Find out more about the Optimum 8200 and 9200a 2nd Generation here:



When shopping for the best blender for nut milk in 2023, remember to consider the blender's motor power, blade quality, jug material and blender size.

A powerful motor is essential to efficiently blend hard indigents like nuts. Also, durable stainless-steel blades are crucial for long-lasting performance. Make sure to choose a blender that comes with a glass or polycarbonate jug, as these materials are sturdier and more durable than plastic. Lastly, consider the size of the blender size and its functions based on your kitchen space and needs.

If versability is a priority, opt for a multi-function blender that can handle various tasks beyond nut milks like smoothies, soups, doughs, sauces and more. With the right blender, you’ll start enjoying the creamy goodness of nut milk and explore a new world of culinary possibilities in your kitchen. Cheers!