Optimum Nutriforce 2.0 Smoothie Maker - Personal High Speed Blender

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12 months 24 months

Optimum Nutriforce 2.0 Smoothie Maker - Personal High Speed Blender

Your Ultimate Small Blender and 2024 Productreview Australia Award Winner.

$159.00 $199.00 -21% OFF



12 months 24 months
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COMPACT SIZE: An incredibly powerful blender that doesn't take up much space — perfect for apartments or anyone who is short for space. 
INCREDIBLY POWERFUL: The powerful 1200W motor obliterates tough greens, frozen fruits, nuts, ice, coffee beans and the hardiest ingredients to create silky, single-serving smoothies with the same smooth consistency every time. 
SIMPLE TO USE: The simple and intuitive user controls get your smoothie ready in just 45 seconds. Switch between low and high-speed settings to achieve your desired consistency or the useful pulse function for greater control. 
EASY TO CLEAN: Designed to provide the maximum convenience to make eating healthier an effortless lifestyle, the BPA-free Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor is also designed to be easy to clean.
VERSATILE: Each Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor comes with a flip-top lid, a storage lid, an extractor blade, a grinder blade and 2 Tritan BPA-free Cups (450 & 800ml) for added versatility and convenience.
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optimum 600m 30 day money back guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee

Motor base with control panel

optimum nutriforce compact blender 45ml cup

800ml Tritan BPA-free cup

optimum nutriforce compact blender extractor blade

400ml Tritan BPA-free cup

Extractor blade

Extractor blade

Grinder blade

Grinder blade

Sip & Seal Lid

Sip & Seal Lid

Storage Lid

Storage Lid

froothie 24x7 support

24x7 Support & Warranty

froothie optimum comprehensive warranty

Comprehensive Warranty


To bring you quality kitchen solutions, Optimum has yet again expanded its line of globally well-loved blenders to present the all new Optimum NutriForce Extractor. Designed as a personal single-serving blender, the Optimum NutriForce Extractor is made to provide the utmost convenience.

Make your energy-boosting smoothie ahead of time and screw on the stay-fresh travel lid. You can come home from the gym to the perfect post-workout smoothie straight from the refrigerator. Need to head right out after the gym? Just switch to the to-go lid and you can be out the door again.

Simple, convenient and versatile, the Optimum NutriForce Extractor even comes with 2 Tritan BPA-free cups (800 & 400ml) to suit your needs and ensure your drink is safe and free from harmful chemicals. The Optimum is rated as the #1 competitor to the popular Nutribullet by the reputable Choice Magazine, along with various independent reviews. It offers you the same if not a better result – just watch the videos. When you invest in an Optimum Nutriforce Blender, you’re getting more than just a blender. You’re getting peace of mind and confidence in its durability, versatility and quality.

With focus on quality as well as performance, Optimum© has proven a world class supplier of quality domestic and commercial blenders and juicers, designed to outlast and outperform competitors.


Nut butter

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavours of Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut, and any other variety you can think of! Savour the irresistibly delicious nut butters, free from preservatives, crafted with just a single ingredient.

Nut milk

Combine a generous handful of nuts with a splash of water, blend until smooth, strain gently, and voila! You'll have a delightful, dairy-free bowl of naturally-made milk ready to enhance your breakfast or beverage enjoyment.

Grinding nuts & grains

Allows you to easily grind whole grains, beans, rice, you name it!

Smooth Smoothies

Say goodbye to fibrous textures as you blend a delightful combination of kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mint, cucumber and more. Experience the pure smoothness and refreshing taste of your green smoothies.


Whip up a refreshing, silky-smooth milkshake in no time! Indulge in this delightful treat for a quick breakfast or a satisfying indulgence.


Chill out and treat yourself to a delicious frozen slushie. Create gourmet slushies that are sure to impress your friends and elevate your cool refreshment game.

Baby Food

Craft delightful homemade baby food with ease. From silky-smooth purees to nutrient-packed blends, this powerhouse blender guarantees flavour-packed meals that nourish your little one.

Creamy Iced Latte

Satisfy your coffee cravings with a refreshing iced latte. Simply combine coffee, milk, cream, and ice, then blend to perfection until you achieve your desired consistency.

Spreads & Dips

With the Nutriforce 2.0, you can whip up a silky-smooth hummus dip or a chunky tomato salsa, opening up a world of possibilities for a variety of delectable dips and spreads.

Protein Shakes

Elevate your protein intake with delicious and effortlessly prepared protein shakes. It's the perfect solution to infuse your day with protein, ensuring a tasty and convenient way to fuel your body.

Fresh Lemonade & Cocktails

Prepare quick and easy cocktails with a twist. Elevate your mixology skills and create delightful cocktails in no time, adding a touch of flair and excitement to your beverage experience.

Salad Dressings

Enhance your salads with a burst of flavour by preparing healthy homemade dressings. Elevate your greens with a variety of nutritious and delicious dressings that you can easily whip up, adding a touch of freshness and vibrancy to every bite.

And much more!
Create sauces, dressings, omelettes, nicecream, smoothie bowls and so much more. For inspiration check out our Froothie Youtube Channel, Instagram or Facebook

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