Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia

Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia

Best Smoothie Blenders In Australia

Are you on the hunt for the best blender for smoothies in Australia? Well, look no further! We’re going to explore all the best smoothie blenders in Australia and dive into which ones have the highest-quality components, the best speeds, the most power and the best value. Prepare to discover the:

  • Best Smoothie Blender Australia
  • Best Powerful Smoothie Blender Australia
  • Best High-Tech Blender Australia
  • Best Multi-Purpose Smoothie Blender Australia
  • Best Budget Smoothie Maker Australia 
    Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia Optimum 9200A

Why Choose The Best Smoothie Blender?

Before we dive into our top picks, let’s briefly understand why investing in the best smoothie blender is essential for making the best smoothies for years to come. A high-quality, high performance smoothie blender comes with lots of benefits:

  1. Efficiency: The best blenders for smoothies are designed to effortlessly blend ingredients, ensuring a silky-smoothie texture without any lumps or chunks.
  2. Nutrient Retention: High-performance blenders can break down tough ingredients easily, helping you unlock more nutrients from fruits, vegetables and superfoods.
  3. Versatility: These blenders aren’t just for smoothies, they can handle a wide range of recipes, from making soups and nut butters, to crushing ice and milling grains.
  4. Time Saver: With powerful motors and efficient blending technology, you can whip up your favourite smoothies in seconds, making them the perfect choice for busy mornings and when you’re on the go.


And now the top contenders:

Optimum 9400x – Best Smoothie Blender Australia

best smoothie blenders in Australia

Our first contender, the Optimum 9400x blender has secured its spot as the best overall smoothie blender in Australia as it outshines all the competition. In 2023, it continues to hold its title as the champion of blenders for both domestic and commercial use. Thousands of customers have ranked it number #1 on and it has earned the prestigious DE ETM Test Magazine Award as the Best High-Speed Blender.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 3.5 horsepower motor generating 2,611 watts of power.
  • Vortex Blending Technology: The 1.8-litre jug made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester that is BPA Free has curves in the bottom for improved vortex creation and features six-strainless steel blades.
  • Personalisation: A digital display with five pre-set blending functions and 9-speed settings allows for versatile and precise blending. You can even save your own blending programs into the machine.
  • Optional Sound Cover: For those who need a quieter blending experience.

The Optimum 9400x is the best choice for turning all your ingredients into creamy nutritious smoothies. Its exceptional performance, build quality and versatility make it the undisputed leader in the Australian smoothie blender scene in 2023. Check out the Optimum 9400x here.


    Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation – Best Powerful Smoothie Blender Australia

    If you’re seeking pure power, look no further then the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation, the most powerful blender for smoothies in 2023. Customers on productreview.comau have ranked it number #2 on the market and it continues to be the first choice for major coffee shops, restaurants and cafés throughout Australia.

    Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia Optimum 9200A

    Key Features:

    • Impressive Motor: Boasting a 3.5 horsepower motor designed to handle a wide range of hot, cold, wet and dry ingredients.
    • Versatility: Three speed functions (low, medium, high) and a pulse button along with three automatic time functions for accurate blending.
    • Optional Jug Sizes: Personalise your blending experience with optional 1.5 litre and 900 ml jug sets made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester BPA Free.
    • Accessories: It comes with a high-quality tamper tool, spatula, nut milk bag and drink bottle.

    The Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation will guarantee a silky-smooth consistency for all your smoothies. Its power and versatile design make it excel at any recipe and it will become your new favourite friend in the kitchen. Find out more about the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation here.


    Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series – Best High-Tech Blender Australia

    For those who crave the latest in blending technology, the Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series is the top choice for smoothies in 2023. Customers on continue to praise this blender ranking it number #4 on the market. Combining its high-tech components with the best features make it a winner.

    Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia Optimum G2.6

    Key Features:

    • Advanced Motor: Features an advanced 3.21 horsepower motor with 2,400 watts of power with automatic torque control.
    • Digital LED Touchscreen: A touchscreen interface with six automatic one-touch functions and manual modes for precise blending control.
    • Dishwasher Safe: Easy cleaning with a dishwasher safe 2-litre jug made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester with six stainless steel blades.
    • Optional 1 Litre Jug: Ideal for single-serve and smaller blends.

    The Optimum G2.6 automatic torque control and combined with vortex technology ensures a smooth and rice consistency for your smoothies every time. This blender is the ultimate cutting-edge choice for smoothies and so much more. See the G2.6 Platinum Series here: or checkout the newest model, the G2.6 Slim smoothie maker.

    Best Smoothie Blenders In Australia Optimum G2.6

    Optimum Evolve – Best Multi-Purpose Smoothie Blender Australia

    The Optimum Evolve takes blending to a whole new level in 2023, offering versatility beyond just smoothies and blending. This vortex blender boasts a 3.21 horsepower motor with 2,400 watts of power, making it an exceptional choice for smoothies and a wide array of cooking possibilities.

    Key Features:

    • Two Jugs: It comes with a large 1.75 litre heat-resistant cooking jug and a 1.8-litre vacuum jug, both made from high boron glass.
    • Eight Automatic Programs: For smooth soups, chunky soups, baby foods, sauces, smoothies, fruit and vegetables, sorbets and nut butters. 
    • Manual controls for precise functionality
    • Exceptional Features: Streaming function for veggies and baby foods, and a vacuum function to prevent oxidation in smoothies.
    • 2 jugs: a 1.75 litre, heating tempered high boron glass jug and a 1.8-litre vacuum jug

    The Optimum Evolve is a multi-purpose smoothie and cooking wonder, perfect for those looking to expand their culinary and blending horizons with an all in one machine. Discover the Optimum Evolve.

    Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia Optimum Evolve

     From juicing to making ice cream and hot soup, this smoothie blender can also be used for kneading dough, steaming veggies, making flour, nut milk, nut butter, or baby food. It has a vacuum function that prevents oxidation and helps keep smoothies and any other goodies you prepare fresh for longer, voice activation controls, and comes with a Bluetooth connection for maximum ease of use.   The Optimum Evolve blender is equipped to replace most of the appliances in your kitchen and cut your meal prep times in half. And it does so in great style, fitting perfectly into any modern kitchen!    


      Optimum NutriForce Extractor 2.0 – Best Budget Smoothie Blender Australia

      Best Smoothie Blenders In Australia Nutriforce

      For smoothie enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable option without compromising on quality, the NutriForce Extractor 2.0 is the ideal choice. This 9-piece personal blender with travel cups, packs a punch with its 1,200 watt motor, high and low speeds, and timed functions.

      Key Features:

      • Compact and Portable: Ideal for on-the-go smoothie making, its compact size makes it perfect for small kitchens and when travelling.
      • Eastman Tritan Copolyester BPA-Free Cups: It comes with two Tritan BPA-free cups in 400 ml and 800 ml sizes, complete with storage lids, and sipping lids.
      • Grinder Blade: A separate grinding blade attachment is included for coffee beans, nuts and grains.

      The NutriForce Extractor 2.0 offers versatility beyond just smoothies, making it a budget-friendly choice for all your blending needs. Explore the Optimum NutriForce Extractor 2.0 here.




      Finding the best smoothie blenders in Australia is a worthwhile investment that can transform not only your daily smoothie routine but your overall health. Whether you choose the Optimum 9400x, Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation, Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series, Optimum Evolve or NutriForce Extractor 2.0, you’ll be taking the first step towards creating delicious and nutritious smoothies. All these blenders will achieve the perfect creamy consistency and texture every time and help with a wide range of other recipes too. Don’t compromise on quality, choose a blender that aligns with your goals and take your smoothie game to new heights!