Vitamix Australia Beaten By Optimum Blenders

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In a world of high-performance blenders, two names stand out, Optimum and Vitamix. Whilst Vitamix Australia has been around for a long time and has a loyal following, Optimum has paved a new path making the highest-quality blenders with exceptional performance. Optimum’s wide range of blenders have the most advanced features that will last you for years. If you’re on the lookout for the best blender at a competitive price or just comparing the two brands, here’s why Optimum will be your best choice.

 Vitamix Australia vs Optimum blender

Why Is Optimum Better Than Vitamix Australia?

We have to admit Vitamix Australia makes some great machines, however Optimum blenders will outperform the competition any day of the week. Here’s how:


Optimum blenders are renowned for their superior and quiet performance. Whilst Vitamix blenders are equally formidable in performance with motors from 1,380 to 1,440 watts, Optimum blenders have more powerful motors ranging from 2,238 to 2,611 watts. They will effortlessly blend even the toughest ingredients like frozen fruits, ice and nuts in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re making smoothies, soups or nut butters, Optimum blenders will deliver consistently silky-smooth results every time.

Optimum helps you create delicious smoothies, nut butter, all kinds of hot and cold food, and can even process, cut, and chop ingredients in the blink of an eye. This makes Optimum an essential addition to any home or commercial kitchen. 

With a 1,8-2l jar (depending on the model) and powerful motor, you might expect that the Optimum sounds like a plane taking off. This couldn't be further from the truth, though. Despite the fact that Optimum offers a faster blend time than its competitors, Optimum is a quiet, efficient processor. The test winner Optimum 9400X even comes with a sound cover to help reduce the sound to only 60dB.


Build Quality

Optimum blenders are made with the highest-quality components and materials with domestic and commercial warranties to back them up. This includes Tritan copolyester BPA-free jugs and stainless-steel blades that are sharper compared to Vitamix Australia blenders. Optimum blender jugs are also easy to clean with some that are even dishwasher safe. All parts are exceptionally durable with solid construction that is engineered to last.



Optimum blenders are very easy to use as they come with an array of automatic one-touch functions, preset programs, and variable speed settings making them a versatile kitchen companion. Even though Vitamix blenders feature variable speed controls, Optimum blenders will efficiently process all ingredients in a matter of seconds. You can easily switch between smoothies, frozen desserts or hot soups with just a few presses of a button.

 Vitamix Australia blending lemons


Optimum offers a wide range of blenders at affordable prices that won’t break the bank compared to Vitamix Australia blenders which come at a price premium. We want to make sure that high-quality blending is within reach for everyone without compromising on performance, build quality and versatility.


Customer Support          

We’re here to welcome you to the Froothie family and provide you with exceptional customer support for all Optimum appliances. Whether you have questions about a feature or need help with a recipe, our dedicated teams are here to ensure your satisfaction. Reach out to us today via phone, email, WhatsApp and social media.


Customer Reviews

Our Froothie family customers have given us rave reviews for our products and service. We are also a 2023 Award Winner for the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation Blender and if you’re interested in comparing this blender with Vitamix Australia blenders, click on this link. To hear directly from our customers, check out all our review pages for and here. To explore the full range of the best blenders and features offered by Optimum, check this page.


A Versatile, High-Power Blender - Vitamix Australia Competitor

Blending has never been this easy. With Optimum you can get years' worth of enjoyment out of any model you purchase. A sturdy base means processing all kinds of foods feels easy and steady. You can employ the Optimum to make some of the best smoothies, nut butter, and homemade hummus you've ever tasted. With Optimum, you also get a strong, robust container, and a strong, versatile tamper + scraper and nut milk bag.

It's clear that Optimum has been made to last and as an added bonus, it comes at a very competitive price. If you've used or tested other blenders or processors, it should be clear that you've found something that is unmatched when you try out your Optimum blender.

Vitamix Australia competitor


Final Thoughts - Optimum vs Vitamix Australia

We think that an Optimum is a fantastic option for those who are looking for a great high-speed blender. You really don't need to worry about spending ages blending as the Optimum efficiently processes all ingredients in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds! It would be hard to find something that is superior to Optimum. With our test review, we discovered that many foods are pre-programmed into the Optimum as single buttons. Making dips and soups with this function is really easy, especially when you use the tamper to assist you in blending.

All in all, we would recommend the Optimum to anybody who wants the cream of the crop. Every review and test of Optimum shows that you can get a great range of features at a much more affordable price than its competitors.