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Comparing the best multicooker the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 to the Thermomix TM6

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In the realm of modern kitchen appliances, the quest for the best multicooker and food processor has led us to this battle between the Thermomix Australia TM6 and the Thermocook Pro M 2.0. These culinary powerhouses promise to redefine your cooking experience and elevate your kitchen endeavours to new heights. Let’s dive into both multicookers that will guide you in making the best decision. This will ensure you choose the ultimate all-in-one multicooker and food processor that meets all your creative culinary dreams.

Design and Versatility

The TM6 Thermomix has a contemporary design and features a high-resolution display where you operate the machine. It has a compact form and durable build quality. Beyond its design, the TM6 is a versatile machine that allows you to explore different culinary techniques, all in one appliance.

On the other hand, the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 has a sleek style construction with a vibrant 9” digital colour LCD display which functions as the heart of your culinary journey. This culinary warrior stands out as an all-in-one multicooker and food processor. Its unique approach eliminates clutter by streamlining your culinary tasks into a single, multifunctional appliance that will grace your countertop.


Functionality and Cooking Capabilities

The Thermomix TM6 offers built-in recipes accessible through its display. With integrated scales and manual temperature control to ensure each dish is cooked to temperature. The TM6 guides you through recipes with its user-friendly interface.

Meanwhile, the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 has a different facet of culinary mastery. Armed with a powerful 700-watt motor and stainless-steel cutting blades, it will transform all the chopping, blending and food processing into one seamless symphony. With the functionality to set your own speeds, times and temperatures or follow one of the over 500 built-in recipes, this all-in-one thermo cooker and food processor will give you the inspiration to venture into a diverse range of culinary territories. The Thermocook app also gives you the opportunity to create your own personalised recipes and switch between 5 languages. When purchasing a thermo cooker you also gain access to our exclusive Facebook group where users exchange recipes, ideas, tips & tricks.

Technology and Simplicity

The TM6 Thermomix Australia provides traditional techniques with modern ingenuity. With its ability to handle various kitchen tasks with the Varoma feature for steaming and WIFI connectivity for recipe updates, it emerges with classic cooking functionalities with contemporary convenience.

In the realm of the best multicookers, the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 will give you an all-in-one culinary revolution, eliminating the need for multiple kitchen appliances. Its multifunctional design allows it to transition seamlessly between food processing, cooking and steaming with the spirit of efficiency and practicality. The Thermocook Pro M 2.0 also comes with an inner steaming basket that sits inside the bowl and a second steamer that sits on top offering more capacity and functionality.  

Your Cooking Companion

Both appliances are designed to simplify your cooking, but their approaches are different. The TM6 relies heavily on guided cooking with its display and built-in recipes for complex dishes.

The Thermocook Pro M 2.0, Productreview Australia 2023 & 2024 Award Winner offers a different kind of simplicity. Its multifunctional capabilities mean you can switch seamlessly and this versability can be a huge time-saver, particularly for those who enjoy creating meals with multiple components.

In terms of cleaning, both appliances have removable components that are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning up a breeze after your culinary adventure.

Price and Value

The Thermomix TM6 is known for its premium pricing, reflected in its technology and guided cooking capabilities. Its comprehensive recipe library may come with further costs and the user interface might justify the investment for those willing to embrace its features.

The Thermcook Pro M 2.0 not only offers a multifunctional all-in-one appliance, but it also offers competitive pricing while still providing versatile cooking options and app integration. This is an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective way to streamline their cooking without compromising on quality and support.   

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your cooking style and the features that align with your culinary aspirations. Both appliances are designed to elevate your cooking capabilities and transform your kitchen into a space of culinary adventure.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of our satisfied Froothie family customers continue to speak highly of our products and accessories. We are also a 2023 Award Winner for the Thermocook Pro M 2.0 which speaks highly about the quality and excellence of our products. Our review pages can be visited here for review platforms like and to hear directly from our happy customers. 

At Froothie, we also guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee

After-Sales Support

Choosing Froothie goes beyond owning exceptional appliances; it means becoming part of our Froothie family. If you happen not to click on one of our products, you will have access to our excellent customer support. Our dedicated teams will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. Rest assured, your investment is protected, and if you encounter any issues, our team will ensure your satisfaction. Reach us via phone, email, WhatsApp or social media where we are here to address any concern. 


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