Convenient and Healthy Milk Substitutes

Convenient and Healthy Milk Substitutes
One of the main benefits of having reliable kitchen appliances like our Optimum multicookers, blenders, and juicers is that you can easily diversify your cooking skills and incorporate healthier options into your diet. Want fresh juice from the freshest fruits and veggies? Not a problem, it’s all at the touch of a button! Want to make delicious sauces and soups from natural ingredients that will improve your health? Not a problem either!  On top of diversifying and improving the quality of your meals, your trusted Optimum appliances can also help you easily incorporate healthy substitutes for animal products into your diet either because you want to go vegan or because you have allergies you need to keep under control.  No matter the reason, we’ve got you covered when it comes to convenient milk and egg substitutes. Keep reading to see what yummy ingredients can satisfy your appetite while also ticking the box of being cruelty-free and plant-based. 

8 Milk Substitutes

Many have been transitioning to plant-based milk lately either because their bodies have a hard time tolerating regular milk and dairy in general or because they want a more eco-friendly and sustainable option.  Luckily, it’s not difficult at all to find convenient alternatives that you can use in smoothies and porridges, for your cereal, or incorporate into your cooking. And, the best news is your Optimum blenders and juicers are not only up to the task but equipped to make a wide variety of smooth, creamy, and delicious non-dairy milk in minutes.  Let’s see what your best options are if you are looking for easy milk substitutes: 

1. Almond Milk

Almond milk is a popular milk substitute given its fine texture that resembles that of cow milk. It also has a delightful nutty flavour that elevates the taste of baked goods and desserts, as well as combines well with coffee or tea.  You can make fresh almond milk at home with your Optimum blender using either whole almonds or by combining almond butter and water.
@froothie How to make Nut Milk in your blender 🥰🥜🥛especially stay away from the ones with added oils and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Unless it’s quinoa… that stuff is alright! Btw pronounced keen-wah 🙃 #froothie #optimumblender #blenderrecipe #almondmilk #dairyfree #nutmilk #nutmilkrecipe #nutmylk ♬ original sound - Froothie

2. Soy Milk

Another popular option is soy milk. Soy milk has long been used as a non-dairy milk substitute as it has a mild and creamy flavour. You can use it for cooking, as well as serve it cold with your cereal or coffee.  You can make soy milk in your Optimum blender using soybeans or soy protein isolate. For added taste and consistency, you can also add different thickeners and vegetable oils.

3. Oat Milk

Oat milk is mild and sweet and is perfect for smoothies. It’s great for cooking and also tastes great on its own.  Store-bought oat milk is often more expensive and also frequently contains additives like gums, oils, and extra salt. For a more economical and healthier option that is packed with nutritional value, we recommend you use an Optimum blender to make your own oat milk at home. All you need is a mix of oats (whichever you prefer) and water. Simply throw them in the blender and you can enjoy a healthy milk substitute that is full of fibre as well as essential vitamins and minerals.
@froothie Reply to @ethesea24 incase anyone was wondering, this is how you milk oats 🌾🥛 A great alternative to nuts if u r allergic and cow milk if u don’t drink moo water. 😋 What blender recipe would you like to see next? #froothie #optimumblender #blenderrecipe #oatmilk #oatmilkrecipe #rolledoats ♬ original sound - Froothie

4. Coconut Milk

One of our personal milk substitute favourites is coconut milk. It has a rich texture and is slightly sweet. Best of all, it contains no carbohydrates, almost no fat, and is low-calorie. You can make coconut milk at home by blending the white flesh of a brown coconut with plain water.

5. Cashew Milk

Cashew milk, made from cashew nuts or cashew butter and water, is a creamy milk substitute with a slightly nutty flavour, similar to almond milk. We love its sweet taste for smoothies but also for baked desserts or as a coffee creamer.
@froothie Reply to @toastedroses0 cashew outside, howbowdat? Anyway, enjoy this cashew milk recipe! You can use roasted nuts if you like, these were the ‘raw’ kind although it’s hard to get really raw almonds bc you need to heat the fruit to get the nut out. Let us know what else you wanna see! #froothie #optimumblender #blenderrecipe #cashewmilk #nutmilk #nutmilkrecipe #nutmilkbag ♬ original sound - Froothie

6. Rice Milk

Just like oat milk, store-bought rice milk may contain not-so-healthy additives or thickeners. To ensure you get the most out of this natural milk substitute, you should use your Optimum blender to make it at home. All you need to do is combine milled white or brown rice and water and blend them until you achieve the thickness you want. Rice milk is ideal for porridges, smoothies, and desserts as it has a sweet and mild taste and is also a highly recommended alternative if you are allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, or nuts. 

7. Quinoa Milk

Quinoa has become insanely popular in the last few years thanks to its high antioxidant content and the fact that it is gluten-free. It is an edible seed packed with high-quality protein and nutrients.  Quinoa milk is slowly becoming popular as well. It is a simple mixture of water and quinoa you can make in your Optimum blender in almost no time and with zero effort. 

8. Macadamia Milk

Last on our list of milk substitutes we have macadamia milk. Macadamia nuts are packed with antioxidants and fibre and are naturally low in sugar. To make macadamia milk, mix water and about 3% macadamia nuts in your blender. You’ll definitely love it in smoothies, added to coffee, or in your desserts as it has a smooth and creamy flavour.
@froothie Reply to @caseyashbyyy To switch up the flavours of this macadamia milk you can try… soaking the nuts for 12 hours or roasting them first. Can swap the dates for any natural sweetener u like. Now u know how to make macadamia milk ☺️🥛 #froothie #optimumblender #blenderrecipe #macadamiamilk #nutmilk #nutmilkrecipe #nutmilkbag ♬ original sound - Froothie
/span>   For all your healthy lifestyle, plant-based diet, and vegan recipe enthusiasts, this was our list of milk substitutes. We hope you find it useful and look forward to hearing what other great alternatives to milk and eggs you use in your recipes. So, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below or on our social media channels. We love hearing from you!