Family Meal Planning Tips

Family Meal Planning Tips
Meal planning has many benefits, from saving you money to saving you precious time and more. If you are still looking into why you too should start planning your family’s meals, here are the main advantages: 
  • Meal planning is a great way to save the time you would otherwise spend slaving over the stove. This allows you to enjoy more time with your family and loved ones. 
  • It can save you money since organising your meals allows you to reduce food waste. Meal planning is also cheaper than takeout or eating out.
  • You can even teach meal planning to your children so they can become more independent and help out with preparing and serving family meals.
  • Meal planning and cooking at home allow you to have control over the ingredients in your food and this usually translates into healthier and better-tasting meals.
  • When you choose to plan your meals, you can control the portion sizes and limit the amount of food served.

Save Money, Time, and Effort With Meal Planning

Meal planning is an easy way to save time as well as money. You can have everything prepared and organised for the week at about the same time one meal would normally take you from going to the grocery store to putting it on the table.  Meal planning is also a great way to take the stress out of preparing and serving meals for an entire week. No more wondering what to eat every evening. You‘ll have everything worked out ahead of time!  Here’s why you should choose meal planning for you and your family:
  • You’ll be able to stop worrying about what to cook every night of the week. 
  • You will be able to serve and enjoy healthier meals and incorporate a larger variety of ingredients. 
  • You will be going to the grocery store less often and save the time that would take you several times a week.
  • You will produce less food waste since every ingredient will be used in the recipes you plan and have fewer leftovers.
  If you’re sold on the idea, here are our top family meal planning tips: ⬇️
  • If the recipe is for six people but your family only has four members, take any leftovers with you to work or school the following day. 
  • Avoid over-serving by not putting any remaining food on the table and storing it in the fridge instead. 
  • If the recipe is for four people but you need to feed six, add more healthy ingredients such as vegetables or serve the meal with a side salad or bread. 
  • For a healthy meal, make sure half of the portion is vegetables.
  • Get kids on board for your meal planning. From choosing what to eat to making the grocery list and preparing meals, you can have your children help out. 
    • Getting the kids involved teaches them to be more independent and organised. 
    • It’s also a fun activity you can do together. 
    • It encourages the kids to eat the meals they helped plan. 
  • Schedule your meal planning for an evening when all the family members have time and there is no pressure to get things done fast. 
  • Enjoy your planned family meals together and without extra distractions like phones or TV.