Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit Smoothies: Blend Ice To Nice

best blender for frozen fruit smoothies

Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Are you a fan of adding frozen fruits to your smoothies to make delectable, ice cream textured smoothies? Then you must have uncovered frozen fruit smoothies come with amazing health benefits that can be made at any time. Frozen fruit smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre from all natural ingredients, and adding them to your day is an easy way to boost your daily intake. Not all blenders are equipped to transform frozen fruits into a velvety textured smoothie. The best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies must have the motor power, vortex jug design and heavy-duty blades capable of effortlessly crushing frozen fruits.

If you’re looking for the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best blenders for frozen fruit which will ensure you find the perfect companion for your blending need. So let’s checkout the winning blenders with the:

  • Overall Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit
  • Multi-Purpose Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit
  • Powerful Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit
  • Affordable Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit


Overall Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit – Optimum 9400x

When it comes to the overall best blenders for frozen fruits, the Optimum 9400x takes the crown. It has been ranked number #1 on and DE ETM Test Magazine has also awarded it as the best high-speed blender.

The Optimum 9400x features an impressive 3.5 horsepower motor packing 2,611 watts, coupled with a 1.8 litre jug equipped with six stainless steel blades and advanced vortex blending technology. This ensures optimal blending of frozen fruits, effortlessly guiding them towards the blades for the perfect consistency. The jugs curved bottom design also makes sure ingredients stay in contact with the blades for exceptionally smooth blends.

best blenders for frozen fruit


  • Incredible motor power for quick and efficient blending
  • High quality components with six stainless steel blades and a BPA-free jug
  • Versatile functionality with 5 preset functions that can be customized to your own recipes
  • Optional sound cover for quiet blending


  • While not a budget option, the Optimum 9400x offers exceptional value compared to competitors

If you’re looking for a blender that makes exceptional frozen fruit smoothies, then the Optimum 9400x is the best choice. Check out the Optimum 9400x here.


Multi-Purpose Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit – Optimum G2.6 Slim

Featuring six automatic preset functions, an extra slim compact base and variable speed dial, the Optimum G2.6 Slim is the top choice for those seeking one of the winning multi-purpose best blenders for frozen fruit.

The Optimum G2.6 Slim smoothie maker impresses with its 3.21 horsepower motor generating 2,400 watts. Its ultra slim base and 1.75 litre jug make it exceptionally effective for handling frozen fruits. Featuring six automatic preset functions for effortless blending of smoothies, ice and crushing, vegetable and fruits, ice-cream, purees and cleaning, alongside manual mode for personalized speed with the variable speed dial, it excels at tackling even the toughest frozen fruits with precision.

best blenders for frozen fruit


  • Slim design with ultra-compact base
  • Powerful 2,400 watt motor with robust blending capabilities
  • Six multi-purpose preset functions for quick and easy blending
  • Variable speed dial for flexibility and precision blending


  • Can produce more noise than blenders with sound covers

For the ultimate multi-purpose blender, look no further than the Optimum G2.6 Slim, ideal for frozen fruits and a wide range of kitchen creations. Discover more of the Optimum G2.6 Slim here.


Powerful Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit – Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation

If you need unparalleled power, the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation is your perfect choice for one of the most powerful best blenders for frozen fruit. Ranked as the #2 choice by customers on, its widespread use in major restaurants, cafes and bars attests to its unmatched reliability and functionality.

Sporting a 3.5 horsepower motor with 2,611 watts, the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation can effortlessly process frozen fruits and even challenging ingredients like ice and nuts. Boasting three adjustable speeds and a pulse button, this blender also showcases its versatility through three timed functions running at 20, 30 and 45 seconds.



  • Powerful motor which handles a wide range of ingredients including frozen fruits, ice and nuts
  • Versatile speed and timed functions
  • 2 litre Eastman Tritan Copolyester BPA free jug with optional 1.5 litre commercial jug and 900 ml jug
  • 5 year domestic warranty or 1 year commercial warranty and optional lifetime domestic motor warranty


  • A premium option over competitors, but has more power and more blades making it a worthwhile investment

The Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation is not only the best powerful blender for frozen fruit, it’s an indispensable kitchen companion. Explore the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation here.


Affordable Best Blenders For Frozen Fruit – NutriForce 2.0

For frozen fruit smoothie enthusiasts who value a great deal, the NutriForce 2.0 emerges as one of the most affordable best blenders for frozen fruits, combining portability with powerful performance at a budget friendly price. Featuring a heavy duty 1,200 watt motor with high and low speeds, and timed functions, this blender effortlessly makes silky frozen fruit smoothies in under a minute. An ideal addition for compact kitchens, those that travel, and those on the go.

The NutriForce 2.0 comes with an 800ml and 400 ml Tritan BPA-free cups, equipped with convenient sip and seal lids as a well as storage lids. Also included is the extra grinder attachment which is perfect for processing nuts, grains and coffee beans.


  • Durable build with powerful 1,200 watt motor
  • Simple to use speed and timed functions
  • Two cup sizes perfect for different serving sizes
  • 12 month warranty with optional 24 month warranty


  • Slightly less powerful than larger blenders, but designed with portability and exceptional value for money

Achieving your delectable frozen fruit smoothie creations is as simple as pressing a single button with the NutriForce 2.0. Find out more here.

best blenders for frozen fruit 

Crafting velvety-textured frozen fruit smoothies is effortlessly achieved with the right blender. Elevate your blending experience with one of the best blenders for frozen fruits like the Optimum 9400x, Optimum G2.6 Slim, Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation or Optimum NutriForce 2.0. These powerful and reliable blenders not only excel in making the perfect frozen fruit smoothies, but also shine in a wide range of recipes and culinary creations. Choose a blender that ensures a superior frozen fruit smoothie and culinary versatility – invest in quality with an Optimum today!

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