Best High-Speed Blender For Flours: Grind to Perfection

Best High-Speed Blender For Flours: Grind to Perfection

Ultimate Flour Blending Guide: Best High-Speed Blender For Everyday Needs

Are you an avid baker seeking to enhance the quality of your baked goods? Freshly ground flour could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of grinding your own nuts and grains, and dive into the process of making them into flour using a blender. We’ll also run through the best high-speed blender to get the job done.

Pros Of Making Your Own Flour

Flour is a kitchen essential, used in a wide range of recipes, from pastas and breads to desserts, biscuits and cakes. However, the quality of flour can vary widely. Often commercially produced flours contain extra additives and preservatives. The nutritional value can also vary due to the processing temperatures which affect the grains and the time it is left on the shelf. All of this can impact the flour's nutritional value.

Freshly ground flour on the other hand, retains all its natural nutrients from the grains, offering you complete control over what goes in it and the ability to create and combine different types of flours, including gluten-free options.

Elevate the taste and texture of your baked goods by using freshly ground flour made in the comfort of your own kitchen with the best high-speed blender.


So How Do You Grind Grains Into Flour Using The Best High-Speed Blender?

Discover the simplicity of grinding your own nuts and grains into flour using the best high-speed blender. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a kitchen enthusiast, it’s easy to make your own flour. With a reliable high-speed blender, like those in the Optimum series, you can experiment with a variety of different grains, seeds, and nuts to create unique textures and flavors.

Follow these easy steps to achieve the perfect flour:

  • Take one to one and a half cups of the nuts or grain and pour them into the blender jug
  • Secure the lid and start the blender on high speed for 30 seconds
  • Take the lid off and stir the mixture
  • Put the lid back on and blend for another 10-60 seconds on high until you get the flour texture you’re after
  • Pour the flour out of the blender jug and through a sift
  • The flour is now ready to use or stored for later use. Fresh flour is best stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. If you plan to keep the flour for an extended period of time, it’s best to keep it in the fridge or freezer.

One cup of grain usually yields about one and half cups of flour. Blending times can also vary based on the type of grain you’re using with the best high-speed blender, so here’s a quick guide for the most popular ones you can blend on high:

Rice: 30 seconds – 50 seconds

Oats: 40 seconds – 70 seconds

Wheat: 50 seconds – 90 seconds

Rye: 50 seconds – 60 seconds

Nuts: 40 seconds – 90 seconds

Best High-Speed Blender For Grinding Grains

Not all blenders are created equal when it comes to grinding nuts and grains into flour. Our Optimum high-speed blenders stand out as powerful versatile machines that go beyond the ordinary. Let’s explore some of the top contenders:

Optimum 8200: Best High-Speed Blender On A Budget

Discover the Optimum 8200 which stands out as the best blender on a budget for graining nuts and grains into flours. It offers an impressive combination of affordability and high-quality performance. This makes the Optimum 8200 the ideal choice for those seeking a budget-friendly yet powerful blender to make flours. The Optimum 8200 features:  

  • Powerful 2,238-watt motor with a six-blade assembly made from stainless steel
  • Versatile timed and speed functions for crushing, grinding, mixing and more
  • Ideal for those on a budget without compromising performance
  • Optional 900 ml jug set available separately for smaller blends
  • Rated #3 on as one of the best high-speed blenders

Find out more about the Optimum 8200 here.


Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation: Best High-Speed Blender With Power-Packed Performance

Experience unmatched power for grinding nuts and grains into flour with the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation. This blender uses vortex technology and a range of speed setting which makes it the powerhouse of choice, grinding to ultra fine consistencies and the ultimate choice for those who need exceptional power when making flour. The Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation features:   

  • Heavy duty 2,611-watt motor capable of grinding the hardest nuts and grains
  • Durable BPA free 2-litre jug set with six stainless steels blades
  • Convenient 3 speed settings and 3 timed settings for enhanced functionality
  • Optional 1.5 litre commercial jug set and 900 ml jug set available separately
  • 2023 Award Winner from and ranked #2 in the best blenders category

Explore more about the Optimum 9200a 2nd Generation here.


best high-speed blender for flours

Optimum G2.6 Slim: Best Compact Blender With Ultimate Versatility

Emerging as one of the best versatile blenders, the Optimum G2.6 Slim is one of the best blenders for grinding nuts and grains into flours thanks to its compact high power motor and jug design. It can effortlessly handle a range of recipes, making it the top choice for those seeking a versatile blender tailored for precision grinding and beyond.

  • Ultra compact 2,400-watt motor with aluminum housing
  • LED panel with six preset programs and variable speed dial
  • 75-litre BPA free wet and dry jug with heavy duty tamper tool
  • 6 blade stainless steel assembly design
  • Backed by a comprehensive 7 year domestic warranty or 1 year commercial warranty

Checkout the Optimum G2.6 Slim here.


best high-speed blender for flours

Optimum 9400x: All Round Best High-Speed Blender Champion

Meet the ETM Test Mazgaine Award Winner the Optimum 9400x, standing as the unrivaled choice as the best overall blender for grinding nuts and grains into flours. Featuring an industrial motor and innovative curved bottom jug design, the Optimum 9400x showcases exceptional performance and durability, making it the ultimate companion for achieving finely ground flour with ease.

  • Commercial 2,611-watt heavy duty motor
  • 9 different speed levels with pulse function and 5 customisable preset programs
  • 8-litre jug set with six stainless steel blades and curves in the bottom for improved vortex blending
  • Optional sound cover for quiet blending
  • 5 year domestic warranty or 1 year commercial warranty with optional 7 year domestic warranty or 2 year commercial warranty

See more of the Optimum 9400x here.


The journey from nuts and grains to flours is simple with the best high-speed blender. Whether you prioritise price, power, versability or durability, our Optimum blender series have you covered. Elevate your baking experience by investing in the best high-speed blender today. Enjoy the nutritional benefits of freshly made flour in every culinary creation. Explore our full range of blenders to find the perfect match for your kitchen here: