Why should you buy a Pressure Cooker?

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How can one machine save you time and boost your health?

Why should you invest in the PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum?

Pressure cook

Pressure cookers have been around for hundreds of years since they were first invented by a French physicist in 1679 – but they really took off in popularity during the last century, when the pressure cooker became a standard feature in almost every home. In more recent years, however, the pressure cooker’s popularity began to fade. Almost everyone has heard stories of pressure cookers exploding and sending dinner all over the ceiling, causing the cooker to develop a reputation for being unsafe. Additionally, due to the advent of prepared or partially prepared foods and the convenience that it offered, the humble cooker was put on the back burner, so to speak – and its benefits all but forgotten.

Pressure cook

Recently, there’s been a renewed interest in healthy cooking and the “farm to table” concept. Many people are now interested in food and are more and more concerned about the ingredients and preparation methods that are used in their meals. At the same time, pressure cookers have also changed – from the once large and cumbersome objects that squealed and shook on top of the stove, to more functional, less noisy and, perhaps most importantly, far safer machines! Today, pressure cookers are a truly versatile tool – and foodies, cooking enthusiasts and everyday families alike are using them to prepare healthy, tasty and extremely fast meals.

What Can You Do With a Pressure Cooker?

For most, hearing the word “pressure cooker” brings up memories of being in Grandma’s kitchen while she canned vegetables from the garden. But while pressure pots have been used for years to preserve foods, creating canned goods isn’t the only thing that modern-day cookers are used for. You certainly can use your pressure cooker to make jams or applesauce, but more than that you can use it for everyday cooking as well. Think of it as offering all of the convenience and delicious taste benefits of a slow cooker – but without the waiting time or need to plan ahead. Cook everything from soups, lentils and rice in a matter of minutes – to whole turkeys or dried beans in as little as 30-45 minutes! Do a slow braise or brisket in a fraction of the time that it would normally take, steam veggies in an instant or create delicious one-pot dishes loaded with flavor and nutrients – easily, in half an hour! Indeed this is one device that really does perform well under pressure! Having a pressure pot can cut meal prep time down, making them ideal for families or those with busy lifestyles. Healthy eating shouldn’t be hard – and owning a pressure pot makes it easier.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

While convenience and healthy eating are high on the list, there are a number of benefits that pressure cookers offer. Here’s a look at a few.
  • 1. Make Healthier Meals

    Pressure cook Not only do pressure cookers make short work of cooking, they also help you to prepare healthier meals as well. First of all, there’s the issue of convenience. Since many pressure cooker meals can be made from whole, natural ingredients in as little as half an hour, you’ll be able to cook up a healthy dinner from scratch, even when pressed for time, instead of having to reach for a frozen dinner. Then, there’s the issue of nutrients in the food. Since a cooker allows you to control the exact amount of time that your meals are cooked for, you can ensure that your food is cooked to an optimal amount – no need to undercook things or turn the veggies into unidentifiable piles of mush. Instead, you can have perfectly cooked food, with more nutrients intact, each and every time. If you’re making soups or broth, the health benefits are extended even further, allowing you to gather all of the nutrients from the cuts of meat that you use, to make healthy and nutritious stock. They’re also great for those who are looking to reduce their sodium intact – more flavorful dishes mean there will be less need to use salt.
  • 2. Create Delicious Food

    Your cooker will also allow you to create food that’s bursting with flavor! Due to the “steam sauna” that the cooker’s interior essentially creates, the flavors of the food become intensified, resulting in tasty dishes that you’ll want to cook time and again.
  • 3. Cut Your Energy Consumption

    Who doesn’t want to save money? Pressure cookers are economical for more reasons than one. First, you’ll be able to use fewer burners since you can cook everything in one pot. Secondly, you’ll be able to cook for a shorter amount of time, ensuring that valuable energy isn’t wasted. Consider this: a dish that would require two hours to cook with conventional methods could often be prepared in as little as 30 minutes in a pressure cooker. That’s about a quarter of the time that it would normally take, representing a significant energy saving.
  • 4. Save Time

    We all have those busy days where dinner is forgotten until the last minute. But with a pressure cooker, you don’t need to plan ahead or worry if it’s dinner time and you have nothing planned. Simply toss everything needed for a home-cooked meal into your cooker and let it do the work for you. Have soup, stew, risotto or any number of dishes in a matter of minutes. Cooking time with a pressure cooker is reduced greatly, allowing you to get dinner on the table quickly, saving you time and energy in the process.
  • 5. Reduce Clean-Up

    Finally, cooking food in a sealed chamber means less mess. Unlike regular pots and pans that allow liquid to splatter around the stove, a pressure cooker will ensure that everything you add for your dinner stays inside the cooker. One-pot means fast clean up after dinner as well!

Ok, but is it safe?

While some people may be hesitant to purchase a pressure cooker because they have heard stories about lids popping off of old-fashioned pressure cookers, or have memories of being shuffled out of the kitchen when the pressure cooker was in use, what you need to know is that today, pressure cookers are safer than ever. With a high-quality machine, there’s no need to worry about built-up pressure – which was a concern with pressure cookers of old. For instance, the PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum is essentially goof-proof and completely safe to use. In fact, this appliance is equipped with ten unique safety features and includes a pressure release and gasket system that will allow excess pressure to vent safely – if there is any. With a little bit of care, your pressure cooker can serve you well – and easily last for years to come.

What is the best option on the market?

Which pressure cooker should you buy? With a large range of options available on the market today, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a high-quality machine, one that includes features that you need to easily create delicious meals while at the same time being safe for you and your family.

After going through many brands and appliances, we stopped at the PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum Here’s a look at some of the features of the machine, to see how it stacks up compared to other brands.

Pressure cook

    • 1. Safety Features

      The PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum has ten unique safety features designed to ensure your absolute safety. Most other cookers offer seven or eight different features, while the Philips All-In-One Cooker offers nine. One of the PressureCook Pro’s most important safety features is a setting that doesn’t allow the cooker to open until the pressure has been released – this is an important detail that the old machines were lacking!
    • 2. Automatic Pressure Release Valve

      An automatic pressure release valve is another important feature. This is something that many other popular cookers, including Breville’s Fast Slow Pro and the Tefal Cook4Me 6L Multicooker, just don’t include. The Pressure Cook Pro will automatically start the depressurization process at the end of the cycle, offering an audible warning before the pressure is released to reduce the risk of burns from manual pressure releases – yet again, something very few other cookers provides.
    • 3. Induction Heating Technology

      The PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum offers advanced induction heating technology –another feature that sets it apart from other conventional pressure cookers. With induction heating, heat is transferred to the food via conduction. Most other cookers – including the Philips All-In-One Cooker, Breville’s Fast Slow Pro and the Tefal Cook4Me 6L Multicooker – heat up the element first and then direct heat to the cooking vessel and food. This is an outdated method that tends to waste energy rather than save it.
    • 4. Pressure Levels

      Most pressure cookers offer three main levels of pressure: low, medium and high. The PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum offers seven different levels of pressure so you can start, adjust and cook easily at any level. This way you can prepare meals to your taste and specifications with a simple touch of a button.
    • 5. Pre-Set Programs

      While many cookers come with four or five different pre-set programs, the machine we chose as our favorite includes sixteen different selections. Choose from a variety of dishes such as rice, meat, pizza, soup, pasta and more. No guesswork required – just great meals!
    • 6. Voice Guidance

      Finally, the PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum includes voice guidance, which announces selections and provides you with tips and warnings to help make your job easier. This is another feature that very few other pressure cooker brands include.

What can you do with a Pressure Cooker?

With a high-quality pressure cooker, you will have a multi-functional device. In addition to making the standard dinnertime creations, here’s a look at some of the different ways that you can use your cooker.

Pressure cook

        • Slow Cooker - Use your pressure cooker to slowly cook foods at a low temperature. The slow cooker option is a great option to cook cheaper cuts of meat in a way that will make them taste great.
        • Steamer - Steam fresh vegetables, delicate fish, juicy meat, fruits, rice, pasta and more! Create perfectly healthy –and beautifully steamed dishes in minutes.
        • Deep Fryer - Your pressure pot also makes a great deep fryer, enabling you to make the world’s best deep-fried fries, fish, chicken or other goodies in minutes. This is perfect for special occasions and friends popping up unexpectedly.
        • Yogurt Maker - Few things are as tasty or healthy as fresh, homemade yogurt. Your pressure pot can also function as a yogurt maker – allowing you to make tasty yogurt creations.
        • Canner - Finally, of course –your pressure cooker is able to preserve food for future use as well. And with added safety features, there’s no need to worry about built up pressure –an issue for pressure cookers of old.

          Pressure cook

<iframe Aside from all the above, your pressure cooker can be used to cook other foods that you might not expect – including cakes, pizza, desserts and so much more. It really is a multi-faceted device!

Tips for using the PressureCook Pro powered by Optimum

We’ve covered the benefits of the PressureCook Pro, now let’s look at a few ways that you can ensure that you get the most out of this machine.
        • 1. Read the Instructions

          Your pressure cooker will come equipped with safety features and other unique specs that are designed to give you the best results possible. Be sure to have a look at the instruction manual that is included with this device. Following the instructions will help to ensure your safety – and give you the best results.
        • 2. Don’t Overfill It

          As tempting as it may be, you should be careful not to overfill your pressure cooker. Never go above the fill line in your pressure pot. In most cases, a pressure pot shouldn’t be filled more than about halfway. This allows room for the steam to build safely in the pressure cooker.
        • 3. Consider the Liquid

          Since the cooking process inside your pressure cooker is all about steam, it’s important to ensure that you add enough liquid. While most recipes take the steam factor into account, if you’re branching out and creating your own recipes you’ll want to ensure that you add at least a cup of liquid, in most cases, to ensure adequate steam.
        • 4. Release Pressure Safely

          Releasing the pressure can be done safely, either by naturally allowing the pressure to release itself from your cooker or by carefully releasing it yourself. If manually releasing the pressure, follow the procedure in the instruction manual – never place your hand against the release valve as the hot steam will be coming out!
While pressure cooking isn’t an end-all way to ensure healthy and delicious foods, it can certainly help to facilitate this! A pressure cooker can prove to be a great investment and an invaluable tool that can make your life easier and healthier at the same time.

Pressure cook