iPrep - The Complete Preparation Set


iPrep - The Complete Preparation Set

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The Preparation Board. Reinvented

Whether you’re an avid foodie or an everyday housewife/husband, the Preparation Board is a must-have in any kitchen. However, the product has remained the same for decades with little to no practical innovation!

Being lovers of food and also parents to young children, a lot of our own time is spent in the kitchen, and let’s face it the time spent on food preparation can be long and arduous.

We wanted to create a chopping board that can help minimize the time spent preparing food by developing a board that enables you to remove waste and store chopped items AS YOU GO.

The Complete Preparation Set

The Preparation Board Complete Preparation Set has you covered from start to finish. The set includes our uniquely designed Board, Chute and Container with Lid. All items are proudly Australian made and manufactured using BPA-free Food Grade Plastic.

The Complete Preparation Set includes:

~ Chopping Board 485mm x 405mm x 17.8mm
~ Preparation Chute 244mm x 105mm x 71.8mm
~ 1.5 Liter Preparation Container with Lid 248.3mm x 110mm x 119mm
~ Custom-fit flexible chopping mat (natural white color)


Key Advantages of the iPrep Preparation Board System

Plastic Bags can be Attached to the Board
The FIRST and ONLY chopping board with the ability to have a plastic bag attached on the side for rubbish.

Easy Clean-Up with Bag Attachment System
The Preparation Board has a specially designed bollard with a universal fit for attaching plastic bags of any size to catch food waste.

No Mess ‘FallAway System’
The Preparation Board is designed with a ‘Fall Away’ system to allow liquid to fall towards the waste chute.

Generous Storage
The Preparation Board’s storage container can store up to one kilogram of chopped food, allowing you to work with a generous amount of product at any given time.

Easily collect Roast Juices to make Delicious Gravies
The Preparation Board is perfect for carving roasts, allowing you to easily collect the juices to make delicious gravies.

Practical in the Workplace
The Preparation Board has received glowing recommendations by reputable chefs as an asset to any commercial kitchen or otherwise.

Rivals any Timber Chopping Board
The Preparation Board has the same chopping surface area as your larger variety timber boards but is lightweight and constructed from very high-quality food-grade plastic to allow easier handling and storage.

Ribbed Design
The Preparation Board is ribbed to ensure the board remains lightweight while maintaining it’s commercial durability.

Silicon Rubber Feet
The Preparation Board is embedded with silicone rubber feet to ensure it is completely non-slip on any bench surface.

Easy to Clean
With all chutes, containers and lids being dishwasher safe, the design of the board allows for easy cleaning with simply warm soapy water wash, as there are no hard-to-reach pockets which may trap residue.

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