ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide - The Secret To Perfect Precision Cooking
New Exclusive Product: Unique futuristic design & excellent restaurant-grade results every time - now with smart stable base!
ModelThermoVide 2.0 Sous VideAnova
Heating TechnologyStainless steel coiled heatersCoiled heaters
Working Capacity6-20L15-19L
IP StandardIPX-7 Waterproof Standard (can be fully submerged under water for up to 30 minutes)N/A
Temperture Range0-95°25-99 degrees
Timer FunctionUp to 99 hours0-99 hours
Circulation8-10 Liters per Minute 360°8 liters per minute 360°
Feeds8 people8 people
Size31x5.08cm (12.2x2 inch)36.8x6.98cm (14.75x2.75 inch)
Warranty2 years1 year

Preserve flavours and nutrients - Sous Vide technology has been used for years in restaurants the world over to preserve the juiciness and flavour of ingredients. You now have access to that same technology in the comfort of your own home. The ThermoVide 2.0 cooks ingredients to perfection thanks to its exceptional temperature accuracy and broad setting range that ensure a consistent heat.

Worry-free process - The ThermoVide 2.0 was designed to make your life as easy as possible. It clips onto any standard household pot so no need to buy professional ones. Its aluminium base also means it stays upright whether you use a pot or water bath. Finally, its user-friendly digital display means you can set a time and walk away.

No need to go to chef school - The ThermoVide 2.0 is so easy to use and so versatile as it fits into standard household pots, there’s no need to go to chef school or invest into expensive professional pots to get beautiful results. It clips easily onto your pot and its aluminum base means it stands in any position.

As precise as it gets - The ThermoVide 2.0 controls the temperature to a very high level of accuracy (± 0.1°C) guaranteeing consistent cooking and even heat distribution for the very best results.

Sleek and modern design - No need to hide the ThermoVide 2.0 into the ugly appliances cupboard. Its sleek, modern, aluminum/injection color body and its digital display make it a conversation starter.

If you’re concerned with the quantity of fats you need to preserve the juiciness and flavour of meats, the ThermoVide 2.0 is the appliance for you! Using sous vide technology and stainless-steel heating coils, it cooks ingredients at a consistent, even temperature in sealed bags submerged in water.


Thanks to the ThermoVide, you can ensure your family only eats healthy, flavourful meals. With very little effort, you can create restaurant quality dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Voltage:220-240v 50Hz or 120 60Hz
Working capacity:6-20L
IP Standard:IPX-7 Waterproof Standard (can be fully submerged under water for up to 30 minutes)
Circulation:8-10 Liters per Minute 360°
Feeds:8 people
Temperature range:0-95°
Temperature consistency:± 0.1°C
Heating technology:Stainless steel coiled heaters
Display Panel:LCD Display
Size:31x5.08cm (12.2x2 inch)
Timer:Up to 99 hours
PlugVDE or UL
Product Dimensions:31*5.08cm
Product Weight1 kg
Immersion rating:IPX7
Warranty2 years

ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide - The Secret To Perfect Precision Cooking

Prepare the most succulent meals for you and your family - Sous vide cooking involves putting fresh ingredients into vacuum sealed bags to preserve all their flavour and cooking them without the use unwanted fats. The result is juicy meats and seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables that are key components of a healthy, enjoyable life.

Achieve perfect results every time - Thanks to its near-perfect temperature accuracy (± 0.1°C), the ThermoVide 2.0 guarantees consistent, even heat distribution that delivers flavour-rich results every single time.

Keep it cool, and energy efficient, in the kitchen - Because it doesn’t generate the same kind of heat as traditional cooking methods, sous vide technology reduces the temperature in your kitchen. It’s also more energy efficient since it uses less power and only a fixed amount of water.

Absolute Safety Guaranteed - The ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide has a rare IPX-7 Waterproof Standard, which means it can be fully submerged under water for up to 30 minutes - with no danger for you or your loved ones. Optimum and Froothie insisted on having this Waterproof Standard not met by many Sous Vide appliances as we always aim to put quality and safety first!

Quality Assurance: Designed and Tested in Australia by Globally Respected brand: Optimum rated 5-stars by customers global

Warranty: 2 years domestic


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Slagra on Productreview

Great Reliable Products

This is a great reliable products that get used every day in our household.

This purchase was over 2 years ago, a sensational product which has never missed a beat and outlasted other well known fitness boards.

Jo Bevan on Productreview

I’m impressed with Froothie as a company & I have the blender and juicer. To date both products purchased have been used daily and they still perform as great as the first time that I began using them. I trust this brand and company 100% and definitely have recommended to many people who are wanting quality appliances for the kitchen. I’ve had both of my Froothie products since the 10/4/2015 and couldn’t be happier! I will continue to buy products from Froothie & highly recommend.

Dane on Productreview


Value for money, can't be beaten.

I've used them in my businesses and tried multiple other brands, some more than twice the price and Froothie products outperform and out last.

Oddsie on Productreview

After trying 3 brands, this is the best!

We have used the Optimum blender daily at home for nearly five years, we recently replaced a bearring and it's back to working perfectly. It is noisy, but it cannot be surpassed in its longevity and quality. We make everything from nut flours and nutmilks to smoothies and cocktails.

I'd never get another brand again.




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Of course, your relationship with us doesn't end when you buy your ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide. We offer ongoing support and advice to help you make the most of it. That’s why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call or email away.

Plus, as we mentioned above, as a Froothie customer, you benefit from our unique one-month trial period guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of receiving it. We’ll give you a full, unconditional, no-questions-asked refund; and organise and pay to ship it back for you. When you invest in our products, get peace of mind and confidence in its durability, versatility and quality, both now, and in decades to come. And don’t forget to join our new Community Group on Facebook where we promptly answer any question you may have + you can chat to our BEAUTIFUL community and family