ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide - The Secret To Perfect Precision Cooking


ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide - The Secret To Perfect Precision Cooking

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Prepare the most succulent meals for you and your family - Sous vide cooking involves putting fresh ingredients into vacuum sealed bags to preserve all their flavour and cooking them without the use unwanted fats. The result is juicy meats and seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables that are key components of a healthy, enjoyable life.

Achieve perfect results every time - Thanks to its near-perfect temperature accuracy (± 0.1°C), the ThermoVide 2.0 guarantees consistent, even heat distribution that delivers flavour-rich results every single time.

Keep it cool, and energy efficient, in the kitchen - Because it doesn’t generate the same kind of heat as traditional cooking methods, sous vide technology reduces the temperature in your kitchen. It’s also more energy efficient since it uses less power and only a fixed amount of water.

Absolute Safety Guaranteed - The ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide has a rare IPX-7 Waterproof Standard, which means it can be fully submerged under water for up to 30 minutes - with no danger for you or your loved ones. Optimum and Froothie insisted on having this Waterproof Standard not met by many Sous Vide appliances as we always aim to put quality and safety first!

Quality Assurance: Designed and Tested in Australia by Globally Respected brand: Optimum rated 5-stars by customers global

Compared to ANOVA

Model ThermoVide 2.0 Sous Vide Anova
Power 1000W 800W
Frequency 50/60Hz N/A
Heating Technology Stainless steel coiled heaters Coiled heaters
Working Capacity 6-20L 15-19L
IP Standard IPX-7 Waterproof Standard (can be fully submerged under water for up to 30 minutes) N/A
Temperture Range 0-95° 25-99 degrees
Timer Function Up to 99 hours 0-99 hours
Circulation 8-10 Liters per Minute 360° 8 liters per minute 360°
Feeds 8 people 8 people
Display LCD LCD
Size 31x5.08cm (12.2x2 inch) 36.8x6.98cm (14.75x2.75 inch)
Warranty 2 years
1 year

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