Optimum MagiCook PRO - The Best Decarboxylator Herbal Infuser in Australia

$294.00 $349.00 -16% OFF



2 Years Warranty

Optimum MagiCook PRO - The Best Decarboxylator Herbal Infuser in Australia

$294.00 $349.00 -16% OFF



2 Years Warranty
29400 - 34900
  • Designed for both large and small batches of any herbal infusions including infusing edibles
  • Makes decarboxylation a breeze allowing you to make incredibly potent butters, oils, smoothies, tinctures, gummies and more! Decarboxylation function is suitable for smaller batches, for larger batches it is recommended to use the decarb box.
  • Make all types of vegan-friendly nut milks, including almond, coconut, cashew milk & more!
  • Comes with a 25-micron purifier mesh bag for all your butter clarification and infusion needs!
  • Experience amazing infused recipes at home
  • Magicook is the pot that doesn’t need to be watched. It grinds, heats, stirs, and heats your recipes while you go about your busy day. It’s automatic and safe, and turns out your edibles, butters, oils, gummies, etc, just as you want them to be.

Get a Portable Blender To Complement Your Magicook

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stainless Steel Base-Heating Jug

3x Purifier mesh bags (25, 73 and 190 mesh)

3x Silicone spatulas

Silicone glove

Butter mould

Gummy bear silicone mould

User Manual with Recipes

Stainless Steel Cutting Blades

24x7 Support & Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

Decarb Boxes (700ml, 1300ml) + Thermometer (OPTIONAL)


Infused Oils

You can effortlessly extract the essence of your favourite herbs and botanicals, resulting in deliciously infused oils that will add depth and character to your dishes!


Say goodbye to store-bought gummies packed with artificial ingredients and embrace the joy of making healthier, tastier versions at home!


Take your baked delights and desserts to extraordinary levels by blending butter with your preferred herbs and botanicals.


Make your own natural sweetness. Infusing honey with your favourite herbs and botanicals is the best thing you can make in your own home.


From comforting tomato basil soup to hearty vegetable broth, the possibilities are boundless. You can effortlessly unlock the full potential of your chosen herbs, enhancing the taste and aroma of your soups!


You can enjoy everything from revitalizing cucumber and mint-infused water to invigorating citrus-infused cocktails, and so much more!

Beeswax salves

Your skincare routine matters! Extract the natural benefits of herbs, enhancing the healing properties of your salves!


From soothing chamomile tinctures to invigorating ginger blends. Treat yourself and your well-being with the magic of herbal-infused tinctures using the Optimum Magicook Pro!


Imagine washing your hands with a soap that not only removes dirt and germs but also leaves a subtle, refreshing aura around you. Magicook Pro Infused Soap is designed to infuse a hint of enchantment into your skin, rejuvenating your senses as you lather up.

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